Friday, January 05, 2007

Because no one cares what I had for lunch

I've been reading Margaret Mason's book on things to blog about (and credit her for the bastardization of the title of this post), and with thanks to BellaCantare for the wonderful Christmas gift, I've decided that while I could wax eloquent about my dinner this evening, since it was one of the first real meals I've cooked on my antique stove in my new apartment, I'll write about something else entirely, since nobody really cares about my yummy meatballs.

Hmmm, should I write about the boxes still sealed on the floor of my kitchen, or my possible visit with my parents in March? Or maybe about the fabulousness of my current 15-minute commute to work?

Nope, I think I'll write about how I have yet to meet the two neighbors next to me. One person lives next door, and the other directly across the hall (with about seven feet separating our apartments) and I have yet to meet either of these people. At what point should I leave notes inviting them over for a beer (or whatever)? Maybe they've been away. Or perhaps they're very, very busy. In any event, to not even see either of them leave or enter the building is a little odd. So, in case they're reading, the invitations are forthcoming. As soon as I finish arranging the furniture.


  1. Angel the Pig1/06/2007

    Mmm... meatballs. You should invite your neigbors over for a beer. We've lived in our building for two years and I rarely see our neighbors. Until recently I'd never seen the guy across the hall or been able to put a face to the lady who lives next door and snores sooooooo loudly that we sometimes have to sleep in our living room to get away from the noise.

  2. I'm thinking about it. Everyone seems friendly, but as thought they'd like to keep their distance. But maybe they're just shy.

    Um, I think you need to do something about the snoring neighbor. And please remind me to tell you a next-door neighbor story from Roswell. It's not for publication.....


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