Sunday, June 01, 2014

And then the rice burns

Things are good lately - my team this season is awesome and being back on my bike makes me very happy. Training is easy right now, and I'm still able to balance time with friends. I'm going to two baseball games this month, and planning an east coast trip. Life is good. 

Except when it's not: when a friend lets me know she has cancer. Or when things at work go pretty badly (though temporarily) out of control. Or when stupid sandbox politics hurts my feelings. 

Or when I burn the rice, like I did tonight. I'm a great cook, but I cannot cook rice. But the rest of the meal is terrific. I guess that's life. 


  1. Are you boiling it old school style? Dave's notorious now for burning rice. I'm considering buying a rice cooker to avoid the fight that ensues when he destroys pots that have survived 30+ years of cooking.

  2. Yes, old-school style on the stove. But I'm about to buy a rice cooker because I don't want to ruin my pots. I'll let you know how it goes.


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